On-Purpose Training Inc -- Group of Companies

On-Purpose Training is all about personal & professional development.

We have almost 20 years in the Training, Mentoring & Coaching arenas, offering superior services to our clients across Canada and beyond.

We are about giving people a hands-up in their everyday life. It is about helping you let go of overwhelm and struggle and moving you towards Composure, Vibrancy & Confidence.

We design training programs, mentoring and coaching to shift mindsets, habits & behaviours in a direction that serves you.

We have had great success working with companies from 10 to 1000 employees, shifting their way of thinking and being, having a direct positive impact on their culture and ultimately their bottom line.

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Meet Gina Zepick (Sebastian)

Gina Zepick is the founder & principal of On-Purpose Training Inc since 2000. Gina is a seasoned Trainer, Mentor & Coach who works alongside organizations, teams and individuals to change mindsets, cultures & ways of being in a very positive direction. She will shake things up, make you think of things in a different, refreshing way, and support, guide and encourage you in the direction you need to go. Gina takes away overwhelm and struggle and replaces it with Composure, Vibrancy & Confidence for you and your team. Gina has been doing this work for almost 20 years, with extensive training in the personal development and coaching industries plus she holds a BSA from the U of S and a MBA from the U of R.